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# 3142


24" x 30" x " | Oil | $1,980.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Cathy Carey Gallery1261 Windsor road

The magical Sonoran desert of Tucson, AZ is the scene of this painting of Jack Rabbit on the move! I love the ears and feet on Jackrabbits, so when I draw them using a blind contour technique, they always come out with a little extra personality! The desert plants and foliage in the Sonoran desert are the most beautiful of any desert I've seen. It's so full of life out there, I wanted to capture the pulse of life with the rich color and animated shapes of the shrubs and cactus. The bright sun in this area makes all the colors really pop! I strive to make my paintings feel like music, and in this painting, a fast paced Salsa is playing on the wind making the clouds dance in their fluffy white skirts! A Roma black matte frame is available for $150.



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