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# 3120

Quail Family

24" x 30" x " | Oil | $1,980.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: Cathy Carey Studio

I get such a kick out of watching the quail run around our garden, and on the trails near where I live. Here is a mixed family of chicks from several seasons, two are tiny and young, one a little older and off exploring. I see the expressions on the parents as half crazed cautiousness, with Dad on patrol for danger, and Mom ever watchful. The young chicks are just awestruck with everything and stay close to Mom. The "teenager" is a little more secure and off exploring. The setting is our succulent garden, with the swaying pepper tree, the mountain in the distance and flowering succulents sending up beautiful stalks of dangling flowers. As always, the play of light and shadow fascinates me and I use it here by switching from warm to cool colors to create a lively scene. Roma black matte frame is available for $170.



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